We propose new technology using thermostable enzyme as a bio catalyst.

Custom-made Enzymes:
Towards Infinite Possibilities

Exploring the Potential of a "Enzymes" Together

In 20th century, many chemical products were made from petroleum resource, making our life rich.
On the other hand, the amount of petroleum resource is decreasing.
We now propose new technology using enzymes as bio catalyst, to create new system of process chemistry.
And we believe this technology may change the world of chemical production.



from President

Thermostable Enzyme
Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Takashi Oku, President

Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2003 to provide specialized services to meet variety of industrial catalytic demands, using the thermostable enzyme.

With its remarkable development, the world is filled with variety of chemical products. Many of them are derived from petrochemical resources, and they have been enriching our lives, trying to satisfy unceasing demands of human species.

On the other hand, our environment has been heavily destructed, and global environmental problem has become one of the most critical issues for human being.

The environmental problems, such as global warming issue due to CO2 emission, have now become urgent task, and all wisdom of mankind must be used to solve these problems.

In the coming century, we are required to develop new value, with fully utilizing experiences and lessons learnt in the Twentieth Century.

We have suggested that the enzyme serves as a bio-catalyst in material production, as an alternative procedure of conventional chemical treatment. In particular, we wish to propose a new material production of next generation with the “thermostable enzyme” which has many characteristics easily utilized in industrial production.

It would be our greatest pleasure if our services contribute to creation of a new sense of values in the next generation.

Company Profile

Corporate name
Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
Date of foundatio
Nov.10 2003
Capital amount
Board members
President : Takashi Oku
Director : Yasuhiro Otani
Head office
5-5-2, Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047 Japan
Research, development, production, and distribution of thermostable enzymes for industrial use
Joint research of thermostable enzymes
Consultation on the issues related to thermostable enzyme and genomic information


Nov. 2003
Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory was founded in Osaka as a private limited company
Feb. 2004
Adopted as a venture company approved by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Aug. 2004
Research laboratory was opened in the AIST Kansai Center
Oct. 2004
Incorporated as a company limited
Apr. 2005
Received “the 1st “Ikeda Bank” Subsidy for Research and Development of Consortium” sponsored by Ikeda Bank
Aug. 2005
Selected as the “Research and Development Business of Consortium for Local Activation” sponsored by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
Oct. 2007
Capital stock increased to ¥132,500,000
Jul. 2008
Capital stock increased to ¥137,500,000
Oct. 2008
Selected as the “Research and Development Business of Consortium for Local Activation” sponsored by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
Feb. 2009
Head office and laboratory were moved to the Kobe International Business Center
Oct. 2009
Approved for Hyogo management innovation plan
Jan. 2010
Capital stook increased to ¥190,000,000
Sep. 2010
Capital stook decreased to ¥50,000,000


Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Kobe international business center 402, 5-5-2, Minatojima- Minamimachi,Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047 Japan

Thermostable Enzyme

About Thermostable

In general, the enzymes, which are contained in the organisms who live in ordinary temperature including human being, are denatured and lose their activities at the temperature over 50 - 60℃.

However, the thermostable enzymes obtained from the special microorganisms (hyper-thermophilic microorganisms) alive at high temperature (over 70℃) have unique characteristics of:

  • High reactivity at high temperature (70 - 100℃)
  • Long-term stability at ambient temperature
  • High purity available
Thermostable enzyme has special asvantage as:
  • 1.It’s highly stable and durable for long-term use
  • 2.Resistance to organic solvent is expected
  • 3.A special apparatus to inhibit bacterial growth is not required
  • 4.Reaction-specificity is very higher comprared with chemical reaction
  • 5.peed of reaction can be accelerated

Thermostable Enzyme

Deliver the best enzymes applicable in various fields to a client in the optimal fashion; - It is our corporate mission.

  • Request to obtain a high purity enzyme which has less side-activity than that of any other marketed enzymes
  • Request to identify the enzyme acting as a catalyst from the substance to be produced, and obtain the industrial enzyme with high productivity
  • Request to obtain the enzyme applicable in the process which requires heat sterilization
  • Request to introduce the thermostable enzyme in order to improve cost performance of the conventional enzyme
  • Request to find, select, and stably supply the optimal enzyme meeting our demands
  • Request to use the enzyme which was reported in published literatures but not yet marketed

Any size of order request is available from the small quantity level of test reagents and reference samples to the large amount of products.

Funded/Joint Rsearch

Our business always starts from stepping into customers' shoes.
With the consultation with your company, we can support your research in the form you request.

  • Full outsourcing of research and
    development process
  • Full outsourcing of research and
    development process
  • Request to obtain a high purity enzyme which has less side-activity than that of any other marketed enzymes
  • Request to break the fermentation process used microorganisms into smaller steps in order to extract the specific intermediate
  • Request to produce the specific substance from the raw material other than petroleum
  • Request to change to the production process used enzyme in order to improve the efficiency of fermentation process used microorganisms
  • Request to change the process which can separate the produced material from the enzyme because the produced material might inactivate the enzyme
  • Request to enforce or remove the specific function of the bacteria-derived enzyme which is now used
  • Request to find the enzyme that can be used under the specific environment
  • Request to consult on the issues related to the application of an enzyme

Please do not hesitate to contact us. If your request is the subject of research we can deal with, confidentiality agreements will be signed prior to detailed discussion.