Production/Distribution of Thermostable Enzyme

Deliver the best enzymes applicable in various fields to a client in the optimal fashion; - It is our corporate mission.

  • Request to obtain a high purity enzyme which has less side-activity than that of any other marketed enzymes
  • Request to identify the enzyme acting as a catalyst from the substance to be produced, and obtain the industrial enzyme with high productivity
  • Request to obtain the enzyme applicable in the process which requires heat sterilization
  • Request to introduce the thermostable enzyme in order to improve cost performance of the conventional enzyme
  • Request to find, select, and stably supply the optimal enzyme meeting our demands
  • Request to use the enzyme which was reported in published literatures but not yet marketed

Any size of order request is available from the small quantity level of test reagents and reference samples to the large amount of products.


  • Production/Distribution
  • Funded/Joint Rsearch
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