Thermostable Enzyme

About Thermostable Enzyme

In general, the enzymes, which are contained in the organisms who live in ordinary temperature including human being, are denatured and lose their activities at the temperature over 50 - 60℃.

However, the thermostable enzymes obtained from the special microorganisms (hyper-thermophilic microorganisms) alive at high temperature (over 70℃) have unique characteristics of:

  • ・High reactivity at high temperature (70 - 100℃)
  • ・Long-term stability at ambient temperature
  • ・High purity available

Thermostable Enzyme

Using ordinary enzyme as a catalyst in chemical reactions has been very cost ineffective, due to its low stability and need of additional enzyme. However, with the use of thermostable enzymes, not only we can expect reduction of cost, but also other merits.
Especially, the merit can be found in the field of fine chemicals, which has been believed to be unfit for the use of an enzyme. Our genetically engineered thermostable enzymes have higher purity compared to ordinary enzymes, and this higher purity enable the use in the field of fine chemicals.

Thermostable enzyme has special advantages as:

  1. It is highly stable and durable for long-term use
  2. Resistance to organic solvent is expected
  3. A special apparatus to inhibit bacterial growth is not required
  4. Reaction-specificity is very higher compared with chemical reaction
  5. Speed of reaction can be accelerated


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