Funded/Joint Rsearch

Our business always starts from stepping into customers' shoes.
With the consultation with your company, we can support your research in the form you request.

  • Full outsourcing of research and development process
  • Co-work with your company's R&D department
  • Request to replace the conventional chemical synthesis process by bio-catalytic process with enzyme
  • Request to break the fermentation process used microorganisms into smaller steps in order to extract the specific intermediate
  • Request to produce the specific substance from the raw material other than petroleum
  • Request to change to the production process used enzyme in order to improve the efficiency of fermentation process used microorganisms
  • Request to change the process which can separate the produced material from the enzyme because the produced material might inactivate the enzyme
  • Request to enforce or remove the specific function of the bacteria-derived enzyme which is now used

Funded/Joint Rsearch

  • Request to find the enzyme that can be used under the specific environment
  • Request to consult on the issues related to the application of an enzyme

Please do not hesitate to contact us. If your request is the subject of research we can deal with, confidentiality agreements will be signed prior to detailed discussion.


  • Production/Distribution
  • Funded/Joint Rsearch
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